Oh my ColourPop

I’m usually into fashion as in clothes, but sometimes I wander into the beauty world and dear baby Jesus am I glad I did some wandering this time.  I heard so many beauty bloggers just raving about this ColourPop cosmetics and I kept passing on the opportunity to buy them. Then I went and checked them out, um.. can we talk about major options and prices. I almost fell outta my chair when I found out that they are actually affordable and so many choices in colors.  It’s like Unicorn heaven. So the next smart thing I did is purchase these puppies and certainly no disappointment. Mailman delivered my cute package and inside it was a little message card so it makes me love them even more. To me little details are very important. So onto the colors, they are just amazing, pigmented and last, so if you’re still wondering if you should get these,  the answer is Yes! Yes! Yes! Stop reading and go shopping @ colourpop.com

My makeup: The colors are : top three are on the wooden stand- Fruit Stand, Paradise Cove, Jelly Fish all for cheeks and bottom two are eye-shadows Nillionaire & 3. The two lippies are Pepper & Blood. Till next time.

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

P.S.: On my first post I’m wearing Blood lippie from ColourPop just saying and below is my instagram for more shenanigans


6 thoughts on “Oh my ColourPop

    1. I’m starting to form some kind of obsession with them (shameful face hehe) affordable and adorable. It’s almost like you want to keep a secret and all for your self but again sharing is caring therefore I care and I want all the girls to have fun.


  1. Hello! Your blog is SO lovely and this is an awesome post, I’ll definitely try these products! I recently started a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog and would LOVE if you could check it out! Can’t wait to read more from you… keep up the good work! Kyra Xx


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