Baby Blues



I know I’m totally always in a dress kind of a girl. So today I changed it up a bit. Oh c’mon you know it’s hard to get out of your comfort zone. Since the last season as well as this one, culottes are so in. I actually got few pairs and love them. I was terrified at first because I’m petite and not so skinny and really didn’t want to end up looking funny but I proved my self wrong, so yay for that. Every once in a while they remind me of my mom, but it’s a good thing, since she is my inspiration in life and I’d rather wear culottes than mom jeans, let’s be honest. Lately I’m doing this whole matchy, matchy color thingie, it must be a phase, we’ll see. But since I’m not wearing a dress it’s a big step up so let’s focus on that : ). Hope you like this.

P.S. Soon I will have some extremely exciting news to share so keep posted.

My outfit: Blouse – Forever21, Culottes – Asos, Shoes – Rainbow Store (yes I still shop there, don’t judge), Bag– Aldo, Earrings & Sunnies – H & M, .

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

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