Lovely Lace and Victoria Face

DSC03079DSC03075 DSC03076 DSC03077DSC03090 DSC03093 DSC03094 DSC03089 DSC03092 DSC03073DSC03080Lovely lace dress and Victoria Face shoes they don’t come any cuter that this and if they do please do share so I can get my paws on them. This post is also from vacation mode when we were going out for a little family dinner. Although I was kind of beat from all the sunshine and pool time I still managed to get this cuteness together. The shoes are old but I’m having hard time parting with them, there is even a jewel missing on one of them but they are still a keeper. That’s all for now. Enjoy your summer everyone while it’s still good because before you know it those winter blues will hit us hard (I’m secretly hoping that snow somehow magically misses New York this year, one can hope…).

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My outfit: Dress, Earrings, Ring & Watch – Asos, Shoes – Top Shop (old) , Bag, Hair Bow – Forever21, Necklace – H & M, Bracelet – gift.

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