Palm Tree Leaves

DSC03004 DSC02995 DSC03005 DSC03022IMG_20150728_194015523IMG_20150728_194001363 (1)IMG_20150728_193953717IMG_20150728_194008174 (5)This romper reminds me of Miami and Golden Girls show. Now you can’t un-think it, every-time you look at my outfit it will remind you of “thank you for being a friend”#sorrynotsorry. I fell in love with this crazy romper and waited a long time to get it my size and descent price, so thanks Asos you made me spend my money once again. The reason I say that it reminded me of Golden Girls is because it had the 80’s vibe and everything back then was this kind of silky, shiny material with prints. Also, palm leaves, flamingos and all things I still love to this day. I’m an old lady at heart and I love the granny style, which by the way is what I mostly wear to work. I know this outfit is thus far from granny hehe it’s actually quite the opposite but the print is still Dorothy, Rose, Blanche & Sophia. Hope you like & please leave comments I would love to hear what you guys think.

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My outfit: Romper – Asos (Traffic People), Shoes – Asos (Truffle Collection), Necklace & Bag – Forever21, Sunnies – Twiggy from Wildfox Couture.

P.S. Sunnies I got few years ago and I’m still obsessed with them.

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