Summer Embroidery & Pom Pom’s

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This weekend was amazing. I did so much in such a short time that I feel like it lasted more than two days. Today was particularly nice because “family time”. As people tend to say family that plays together stays together and I am a true believer in that. Day was extremely hot and humid even though we wanted to stay longer in the city it was truly unbearable to be outside. We decided to go and get a nice gelato, enjoyed playtime at park and then we headed out home and instead of eating out my husband made us delicious tacos.

Now onto the outfit… I love my onesies hehe they are super comfortable especially with a little one running in every direction. Even though I love my dresses sometimes I have to worry if it’s too windy, too short, too this and that so today I opted for romper just so I can be casual and comfy. I did match my sandals and my oh so perfectly colorful cuteness of a bag. I couldn’t resist those pom poms. After all I am a sucker for cute things. The embroidery details on romper are beautiful as well. You might notice some change : ) yup it’s my hair. I am wearing these amazing clip in extensions. I don’t write about anything unless I’m in love with it and these extensions I’m totally in love with. I do have thick and wavy hair and they are meant to be worn for thin hair but for me they worked out perfectly. They are light enough, clip in, and super easy to put on so you can be worry free. Now if you want to get your hands on these puppies you can get them at trust me you wont regret it. I hope your weekend was as beautiful as mine and till next time.

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My outfit: Romper – Asos , Shoes – Asos , Necklace  – Forever21, Sunnies – ZeroUV, Earrings – Asos, Bag – Asos & of course Hair Extensions – Tressmerize.

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