NYFW WantMyLook and BellamiHair

_DSC3265 _DSC3267 _DSC3268 _DSC3269 _DSC3275 _DSC3276 _DSC3280 _DSC3281 _DSC3285 _DSC3287 _DSC3292 _DSC3300 _DSC3303 _DSC3307 _DSC3309 _DSC3310 _DSC3314 _DSC3315 _DSC3317 _DSC3319 _DSC3321 _DSC3336 _DSC3340 _DSC3341 _DSC3362 _DSC3365 _DSC3373 _DSC3374 _DSC3377 _DSC3383 _DSC3384 _DSC3396 _DSC3397 _DSC3399 _DSC3409_DSC3440 _DSC3413 _DSC3414 _DSC3425 _DSC3444 _DSC3463 _DSC3468 _DSC3474_DSC3480 _DSC3476This post is finally not about me : ) well… kinda. I was invited to NYFW Bellami + Want My Look fashion show and of course I replied with a yes. The show had a pre-party on a roof top of Midtown Loft & Terrace and it was beautiful. There was a good amount of people that showed up and it was crowded enough without being uncomfortable. They were serving cocktails playing music all in all beautiful setting. Guests were later invited inside for the actual show which did start late but every fashion show usually does. I must say they did have some beautiful garments and some were done a wee bit cheap. I understand that they are doing affordable clothing but they could have done just a tad better. Believe me I’m not complaining just stating and encouraging so next year they can do great. Extensions are also ah-mazing, they did do a really pretty presentation at the beginning of the show. There were bunch of famous faces around which is always great to see and of course there was a lot of wannabees that were looking for attention and I find it so tacky. Just enjoy the beauty of the show no one is there to see you. I had to point that out because I see that a lot on my outings and cannot stand it. My blog is fairly new and it is made for my passion for fashion and self expression and I love when people share their thoughts and comments and like my posts but at the end of the day I have to be happy with it. But I find a lot of people are blogging just to get some fake attention and 15 minutes of fame with their head up so high it’s laughable. I never changed for anyone and will forever remain just me. Hope you enjoyed this post till next time.

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

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