Mustard Plaid

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On days like this where fall is just awesomely beautiful I decided to play with my wardrobe and bring out the best before polar season. It was just a walk in our neighborhood with a quick stop for coffee at my sister’s place but nonetheless outfit was perfectly casual for things like that. Not much is happening lately, I have been quite busy at work so no time to blog.  I do try to take some snaps like these on the go. Hope you still like em.

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My outfit: Blouse & Cardigan – H & M, Bag – Asos, Sunnies – ZeroUV, Skirt – Breathtaking Tiger Lilies Skirt in Plaid (ModCloth), Necklace – Just Bead Yourself Necklace in Concord (ModCloth), Shoes – Riviera Tour Heel (ModCloth), Cape – Botany Professor Cape(ModCloth-old).

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