Old McDonald had a…


Chicken, chickens everywhere. Past weekend was nice enough to get out of the house. So I made a trip with my cutie pies to Industry City. It was so nice there, they had really cute as well as cool stuff for kids, which my main reason to get out of the house is to make my loves happy and my self too. We painted some so called art or scribbles, ya know potato, potuto lol afterwards everyone attending sat down and watched the movie UP. It’s really refreshing to do something different and unexpected every once in a while. Once movie was done it was a short trip to Park Slope and some grub mmmm tasty Mexican food at Rachels (couldn’t resist). As for the outfit I tried to be as comfy as one can be so I opted for overalls because kids, comfort and dirt. Secretly I just loved the print, cute little chickens everywhere. I hope all of you who are dealing with this cold weather are making it ok and my suggestion for cheer up is just to something different, it’s very  good for your soul. Thanks for reading and checking out my blog. Till next time…

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit: Can I just move to Asos headquarters : ) Hat, Sunnies, Shirt, Pants, Boots – you guessed it Asos. Earrings and Bag – Forever21.


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