Lady in Red


Past weekend I had a little getaway, I went upstate NY to visit my parents and leave my son with them for spring break. I’m totally having a separation anxiety, so right now this pretty little post will make me take my mind away from that particular situation. This dress is just so beautiful and so perfect, I think I want to live in it lol that’s how much I love it. I got it on a whim from Collectif clothing and no regrets. Possibly my new love. I’m sure we all have that piece of clothing that makes us feel so wonderful. I have my days when I’m kind of tom boyish but I love girly things. Most of the time I get the stares on how I dress but lately I don’t care. I told my self if I’m happy that’s all that matters, people are going to talk no matter what. Therefore I dress to impress my self. At the end of the day I’m the person that’s responsible for my own happiness and nobody else. This also made me feel a little bit like a pinup girl (one day i just might decide to do that, wishful thinking). I’m just putting it out there, now it’s up to universe hehe. I hope you enjoy my posts. And till next time…

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit: Dress – Nadine Plain Vintage Tea Dress from Collectif, Hair Bow & Necklace– Forever21, Earrings, Bag & Shoes– Asos.

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