Rose Garden


Trying my best to do it all. Just past Friday it was my munchkins Pre-K graduation. So the day began with lots of tears of joy, making breakfast, taking son to school, coming home getting ready, taking blog pictures, attending pre-k graduation and then go to work. Exhausting indeed but at the same time very rewarding. As for the day I chose this floral dress, it just made me happy, comfortable and festive for the occasion and also appropriate for the office. Hopefully I will have some time off this summer to relax and enjoy so it’s not all speedy do it all in a day kinda thing. Till next time…

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit: Dress – Paper Dolls (Asos), Shoes ModCloth (Zeal of Approval Heel), Bag – Kate Spade, Moon Earrings – Forever21.




Little bit monochromatic vibes and bubble tea time with my loves. Too bad weekends are only two days because I could get used to this relaxing time and beautiful weather spent with two of my favorite humans. Till next time, enjoy life …

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit: Dress, Necklace, Shoes & Bag – Asos, Sunnies – ZeroUV, Earrings – ModCloth (Glitter & Glee Earrings in Fuchsia).

PS: My little one took a picture again of my husband and I (CUTENESS OVERLOAD for his effort)

Pacifica Beauty


I’ve heard so many good things about Pacifica Beauty that I had to get on that bandwagon and try it my self. I guess it is true that all those beauty bloggers were bragging about. It is truly an awesome collection and worth trying. I got few things for my everyday use, little makeup goes a long way, no need to use so much product. First of all foundation feels so good on face, like a cloud not heavy at all and it matches to skin perfectly. Another plus for the foundation is that it’s spf 20 so it makes you look gorgeous and protects your skin at the same time. Bronzer, blush and eyeshadow are all earthy colors and also feel amazing once on face. Lipstick feels light, moisturizing and very pretty and natural on lips.All makeup smells so good, it’s like a beachy scent but in a good way, not too overpowering. Bottom line, I would totally recommend this makeup. I have been using Pacifica for almost a month and have no regrets. I mean what’s not to love its 100% Vegan, Cruelty-free, good for planet and your skin. It is for everyday use and light coverage so if you are looking to be covered like going out for the night  and stuff I would say use something else. Hope you liked this post and it helps you with decisions of makeup buying. Till next time….

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Makeup: All Pacifica: Foundation Medium/Tan, Sundreams Lotus Infused Bronzer Duo in Glow and Sunkissed, Blushious Coconut & Rose Infused Cheek Color in Wild Rose, Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow Trio in Skinny Dip, Crush & Lovely and Devocaean Natural Lipstick in XoX.


Angelic Bohemian


Life as a mommy can get really busy and sometimes you just have to let loose and spend time with your girlfriends. Well, that’s just what happened last weekend. I dressed up extremely girly, put on my best makeup and met up for dinner and drinks at Ca Va Brasserie by Todd English. Food was pure perfection as well as the drinks. The atmosphere as well, although we didn’t take any pictures in the restaurant, we didn’t want to be too tacky lol but last two are in the neighborhood one with my friend and other with my bestie which just happens to be my sister. I did not let the pouring rain ruin my night, even with a white dress I put on my smile and let the fun take over. Later we went for a nice walk and slumber party at my sisters house because we needed to catch up on all the juicy gossip (ah c’mon you know we all do it secretly). I really missed having this much fun it’s always good to catch up and have  fun and just be your self and be surrounded by people that bring  out best in you. Until next time have fun, enjoy life and make  every moment count.

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit: Asos (yup the whole thing, even the accessories).

Watercolor Florals


Weekend at it’s best. Another wonderful weekend spent wisely with my loves and Ice Cream. Oh, how everyone feels just so happy when it is sunny and hot outside. I couldn’t ask for more. As for the outfit, a little too dressy to get Ice Cream but oh well, life is too short to spend in boring clothes. Till next time, enjoy….

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit: Dress & Bag – Forever21, Belt – Dorothy Perkins, Shoes – recent purchase from local shoe wearhouse in Brooklyn, Ring – Flea Market NYC, Earrings – BooHoo.