Casual Stroll


The weekend was just perfect for shopping and strolling around the city. Our mission for the day was to find Churros because, why not. As for my outfit it was very casual I even wore sneakers. These are the only sneakers I own (sorry, not sorry). That’s all for now enjoy….

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit:  Dress, Earrings – Asos, Sneakers – Adidas, Bag – Dorothy Perkins, Bow Headband – Forever21.

Preppy Flower


As casual as it gets I guess : ). Weekend comfort all the way. Slowly progressing with this spring, but I’ll take anyway it is much better than snow. Too busy to write right now because adulting and having to put munchkin to sleep, not much was happening anyways only time spent with family. Till next time…

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit:  Blouse & Earrings – Asos, Pants – Dorothy Perkins, Bag – Forever21, Bag Chain – H&M, Shoes – Modcloth.

Coachella Dreaming


As a lot of people are enjoying the beautiful California sunny days and beautiful Coachella fun festival, here I am dreaming of going there one day. Dreaming it up at my parents house upstate. That’s adulting like a boss and also called parenting. My munchkin had spring break so we took him upstate to his grandparents house. Since it’s sunshine I decided to be a flowerchild on my way to pick up my child. I love this dress I feel so pretty wearing it. I actually wear it quite a lot so I decided to write a little blog before it disintegrates. Very flowy and free. I hope you all like it as much as I do and till next time…. keep dreaming : ) because that is next on my agenda California or bust.

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit:  Dress, Bag, Shoes, Sunnies – Asos, Necklace – BooHoo, Flower Bag Charm and Earrings – H&M.

Wild Thing


Oh Wild Thing, I am in love. Last weekend I had a nice family outing. It was my husband and I with our little munchkin. Even though my outfit is very close to perfection I had some little obstacles with my shoes. Midway through our outing on this beautiful day my straps broke off. Thankfully I am married to a MacGyver and Mr. Husband managed to save these beauties so I can wear them longer than expected. I guess little ribbon can go a long way. As for my outfit, well you already know me and dresses : ). I used belt for the dress as a headwrap because I thought it went better with rest of the look. We ended up getting some really great Japanese ice cream so all of us were extremely happy. Hope all you are enjoying this weather because it was beautiful these couple of days. I know I am enjoying every second of it. Till next time…

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit:  Dress, Bag, Shoes, Sunnies, Belt, Earrings & Cape – all purchased at Asos (you could of already guessed it lol).




You know winter has been a drag because the first day a little warm weather hits everyone is in their florals. Epic for spring I know, how original. Regardless, I loved every second of it it feels so good just to be out enjoying fresh air and not being cooped inside a house. I’ve spent most of the day in the city walking, having lunch with family and also went to Macy’s to see their flower show. It was so nice and colorful, all in all I had a great time. I hope you all are enjoying little things in life  as well and till next time…

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit:  Dress, Bag, Boots, Sunnies – all purchased at Asos (my main online store, gotta love it).