Blueberry Nice


Just because I love the vintage style doesn’t mean I can’t incorporate the modern pieces with some vintage flare to it. This is exactly what I did with this outfit. Dress is very modern, and current trend but I added my own twist to it like head scarf and automatically it gave it that retro/vintage vibe. I opted to be matchy/matchy and go with the blue theme. I hope you like the end result and till next time…

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit: Dress, Earrings- BooHoo, Shoes – Chelsea Crew, Bag – Aldo, Headscarf – Amazon.

Prints, Stripes & Pom Poms


Oh to be the one with nature, this is my parents backyard, more likely vegetable and flower garden. I just love it so much. What else I love is this new hat I got. I searched everywhere for a cute hat and this one I stumbled upon at Forever21. Super affordable and super cute, win, win situation. Dress is such a fun print I feel like I will be wearing this for a long time. I am still debating my hair though. It’s that awkward stage currently where I have to keep telling my self that I can do this and grow it out. If you have any helpful suggestions please let me know. I hope you like this post and till next time…

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit: Dress – Asos, Hat, Earrings, Bag – Forever21, Sandals – local shoe store in Brooklyn.


Kittens and Cupcakes


When you just want to be a girly girl nothing tops kittens, fluffs and cupcakes. I know I might be too old for this kinda stuff but you know the saying “Never grow up, it’s a trap” I think I’m sticking to that : ). I love this skirt it’s from Hell Bunny and too much cuteness. I didn’t want to take away too much from this skirt but I had to put on all the other cute accessories to go with it. I hope you like it…… till, next time.

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit:  T-Shirt, Flower Brooch – Asos, Skirt – Hell Bunny, Shoes – ModCloth, Jelly Bag and Fluffy Chain – Amazon, Headband – Forever21.

Blank Canvas


Date nights are always a good idea. This is from few weeks ago since Mr. and I don’t have our baby for summer what else are we going to do but get out and do some serious adult stuff. We went for a nice walk in a city and to dinner. During the day it was beach time and full relax mode on. As for the outfit I chose this romantic number. Lace dress with new bag that Mr. Husband got me for our anniversary. I already am in love with the bag and even more with Mr. for always thinking of me. Till next time, have fun and love one another….

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit:  Dres – Charlotte Russe, Belt – Loft, Earrings & Shoes – Asos and finally Bag – Relic.