Hot Pink


Leaves are falling to the ground, autumn crept up on everyone very quickly. Although nature colors are beautiful I had to spice it up a bit with this outfit. Hope you like it.

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit: Top – Collectif Clothing, Hat – Top Shop, Pants & Earrings – Asos, Bag – River Island, Shoes – Liliana (really old pair I had forever).

Red Lobster Tale


Oh the obsession I had about this skirt is just unbelievable. The minute it came out I had to have it no if’s and’s or but’s about it. Such sturdy fabric and the print is to die for. Screaming summer fun. Yes having time of my life because summer. I will wear my skirts and dresses the whole time with jumpsuit here and there (wink, wink). I hope you enjoyed this post and till next time…

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit: Top – Ann Taylor, Skirt – Collectif Clothing/Modcloth, Shoes, Earrings – Asos, Bag – Shein and Scarf – Amazon.

What will be your Style Adventure with JORD Wood Watch



Recently, I was contacted by JORD watches  and had a pleasure to do this review and I can’t help but brag. First of all, how amazing and unique these timepieces are? So pretty. The detail and craftsmanship is just impeccable. Right now it’s perfect timing to get your self one and if you are not too selfish get your friends and family one too.They have a great selection for both men and women and prices are just right. There are so many different designs to meet everyone’s stylish needs and you don’t have to break a bank, which nowadays is actually very hard to find. Great quality for great price, sounds like a win, win situation to me. I have my eye on CORA series -Zebrawood & Rosé, next purchase for sure. Ok now, enough about what I’m getting and let’s get back to my WoodWatch that I’m currently wearing. This is women’s : FRANKIE series Dark Sandalwood & Smoke watch. Pictures do not do the justice for this beauty. I was sitting and staring at my FRANKIE for hours, I kid you not, then I talked my husband into getting him self one as well (stop judging). I am a picky person, I like unique things, things that make me stand out and JORD Wood Watch definitely did that. Of course I had to take my JORD Frankie out for a stroll with some close friends of mine, just to see if they would notice. Happy to report back with: they noticed indeed, I mean how can you not. Watch itself is very comfortable and also not too show off-ie (I know not a real word, again, stop judging).Below are some links that will make it easier for you to find the watch of your dreams and make that money fly. Just remember to tell Santa that you were a really good girl or a boy this year and be very thankful on Thanksgiving because you  can also win one of these watches. Doesn’t that sound just amazing! Giveaway is always a great idea, here is a helpfult link: to sign up. Just keep in mind that this giveaway is now open and will run through 1/31/17 at 11:59pm.  If you sign up through the giveaway link above, you  instantly get a $25 JORD e gift code, how cool!  The $25 JORD e gift codes do expire though on 3/14/17, which still gives you plenty of time to pick up your favorite. 

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit (see below pics):  Shirt, Jeans, Earrings & Sunnies – Asos, Watch – Jord (Frankie 35 series), Necklace – H&M, Bag – Lulu Guinness, Shoes – Bonnibel.  It was a casual day and a very cold day. So a quickie blogpost if you will. : ) Happy Shopping…and playing. Make sure you sign up for giveaway I made it easy for you guys, it’s just a click away.

Giveaway link:

To link to men’s shop :

To link to  women’s shop :

“This Post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches”
Wood Watches For Women

Pacifica Beauty


I’ve heard so many good things about Pacifica Beauty that I had to get on that bandwagon and try it my self. I guess it is true that all those beauty bloggers were bragging about. It is truly an awesome collection and worth trying. I got few things for my everyday use, little makeup goes a long way, no need to use so much product. First of all foundation feels so good on face, like a cloud not heavy at all and it matches to skin perfectly. Another plus for the foundation is that it’s spf 20 so it makes you look gorgeous and protects your skin at the same time. Bronzer, blush and eyeshadow are all earthy colors and also feel amazing once on face. Lipstick feels light, moisturizing and very pretty and natural on lips.All makeup smells so good, it’s like a beachy scent but in a good way, not too overpowering. Bottom line, I would totally recommend this makeup. I have been using Pacifica for almost a month and have no regrets. I mean what’s not to love its 100% Vegan, Cruelty-free, good for planet and your skin. It is for everyday use and light coverage so if you are looking to be covered like going out for the night  and stuff I would say use something else. Hope you liked this post and it helps you with decisions of makeup buying. Till next time….

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Makeup: All Pacifica: Foundation Medium/Tan, Sundreams Lotus Infused Bronzer Duo in Glow and Sunkissed, Blushious Coconut & Rose Infused Cheek Color in Wild Rose, Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow Trio in Skinny Dip, Crush & Lovely and Devocaean Natural Lipstick in XoX.


Angelic Bohemian


Life as a mommy can get really busy and sometimes you just have to let loose and spend time with your girlfriends. Well, that’s just what happened last weekend. I dressed up extremely girly, put on my best makeup and met up for dinner and drinks at Ca Va Brasserie by Todd English. Food was pure perfection as well as the drinks. The atmosphere as well, although we didn’t take any pictures in the restaurant, we didn’t want to be too tacky lol but last two are in the neighborhood one with my friend and other with my bestie which just happens to be my sister. I did not let the pouring rain ruin my night, even with a white dress I put on my smile and let the fun take over. Later we went for a nice walk and slumber party at my sisters house because we needed to catch up on all the juicy gossip (ah c’mon you know we all do it secretly). I really missed having this much fun it’s always good to catch up and have  fun and just be your self and be surrounded by people that bring  out best in you. Until next time have fun, enjoy life and make  every moment count.

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit: Asos (yup the whole thing, even the accessories).

Fighting the Age, Caviar style


Besides food, fashion, cute thingies I’m also a makeup and skincare junkie (like that’s a big secret). I came across this beautifully packaged goldmine and I’m a big sucker for cute and pretty packaged things. I kid you not even if I don’t like the product and it is packaged cute I most likely will buy it. It was a case with this Eveline Cosmetics Caviar Prestige – night and day creme, although, I ended up loving it. These creams are for mature skin (yes I’m at that age where I could use all the help there is out there). They are so rich, creamy and moisturizing without making your skin feeling greasy and heavy. Your skin actually ends up feeling smooth, soft and plumpy. Another thing that makes this super awesome is that the day cream is SPF 15 hello sun safety. So if you get a chance to try this out I would definitely recommend it. I surprised my self and hope you get pleasantly surprised as well.

This below is from the website Description of the Product:


  • Reduces deep wrinkles
  • corrects the face contours
  • improves the structure and density of skin
The revolutionary combination of caviar extract and the Future Trans complex allows for the first time to use the wealth of conditioning ingredients of caviar, so that the results of treatment are visible already after 4 weeks of application. In addition, the Ultra Active Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream contains hyaluronic acid, which provides instant moisturization and fills the wrinkles.

Guaranteed effectiveness! The best results can be obtained with regular application of the full CAVIAR PRESTIGE line.


Black caviar is an exclusive component which regenerates the skin on the cellular level. It is the richest source of proteins, minerals, phospholipids and oligo-elements iodine, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, vitamins A, D, E and vitamins of the B group. Thanks to this it has extreme smoothing and moisturizing action, assuring long-lasting results. It increases the density and elasticity of the skin. Effectively reduces even deep wrinkles. Contains large amounts of unsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids which rebuild the hydrolipid layer of the epidermis, strengthening the skin’s protective function.


Future Trans – an innovative, patented complex with active micro-particles, which penetrate into the deepest layers of the epidermis, preparing the skin for intense rejuvenating treatment with the active components of the series.

Hope you enjoyed the post and till next time.

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Products: Eveline Cosmetics Prestige Caviar Day and Night Cream. ps: They sell them on Amazon as well for fraction of the price (no need to thank me hehe).


Enchanted Paperself


So these beautiful things have arrived at my doorsteps and I couldn’t be more happier. Yes they are the most adorable things that you have ever seen and they are called Paperself. I got contacted by this company Paperself somewhere at end of November and they sent me these beauty Lashes and temporary tattoos. Since I am a person who tells you how it is, I am absolutely in love with these products. Fist of all packaging is very cute, secondly look at all the details on these lashes. They are more beautiful in person and these pictures don’t do them all the justice (lord knows I’ve tried). I wore em all day and they didn’t bother me what so ever. I got some stares, few smiles and lots of compliments. All in all positive thoughts. Lashes are comfortable and I used them for this post and re-used them again for a different occasion. Tattoos are also gorgeous and last quite long, I actually got tired of mine and had to scrub it off. If you are looking for something fun I would definitely recommend this company. I’d say weddings, editorial  or just playing and having fun  all fall into category of Paperself. Cool fact is that they were also used in a movie The Hunger Games : ) I know now that you will pay much closer attention to Effie Trinket. Bottom line is go try them yourself and fall in love like I have. You will see more posts with my Paperself game face once spring arrives. Happy shopping and till next time….

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Makeup: Lashes and Bug tatoo- Paperself, Foundation – Tarte Amazonian Clay in Medium Neutral, Bronzer – Sephora Miro Smooth Baked Bronzer Duo in Spicy Heat, Eyebrow Gel – Anastasia Beverly Hills in Medium Brown, Lipstick – Lime Crime in Babette.