Fall Check


Slowly giving into the fall season. Baby steps people, baby steps. This whole outfit is from Asos. It’s my favorite one stop shop for my fashion needs. I hope you like the outfit…

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit: Asos

Cookies & Cream


So I just wanted to look cute : ) This was for the outing with the family and my daddy’s birthday. I kept it simple because this dress speaks for it’s self. It was perfect and very forgiving especially after big dinner. I hope you like it & till next time…

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit: Dress & Boots – Asos, Velvet Bag was a gift.

Polka Dot on Polka Dot


Oh you know I was going for the fun 1950’s housewife and course with my little modern twist. I just adore this whole ensemble. This cardigan I wear so much and realized it never made it into my blog because NYC life and family and kid I’m surprised I still am doing my weekly posts. I do try, but sometimes there is just not enough time. I just want to let you know whoever is following me and reading my blog thank you for keeping up with me. I hope I inspire you even a little bit just to be yourself and do what makes you happy. Till next time…

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit:  Cardigan, Shoes – ModCloth, Earrings, Bag – Asos, Skirt – BooHoo, Headband – Forever21.

All Striped Out


Summer is really being wonderful this year. I sure am enjoying every bit of it. Even though there is some extremely humid days I still try to make the best out of them. For example few weeks ago weekends were borderline unbearable how hot it was. This outfit was from one of those hot days. I was outside for maybe half an hour all together and the rest of the time I was indoors either having bubble tea at a local shop or home where the AC is working. Can you believe it I’m also not wearing a dress, shocker I know. I do wear pants I promise but summer and spring time skirts and dresses are my go to looks. This is one of those universal jumpsuits. I wear it all year round. It’s light enough for hot summer days and as the weather changes I just layer it for the appropriate season. I also have one in black I blogged about it I think last year. Little details from this post that I love are the banana earrings. I bought a bunch of fruity set from forever 21, so adorable. Anyways, have you guys have fun summer and till next time…

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit: Jumpsuit – Dorothy Perkins, Hat, Earrings & Bag – Forever21, Shoes – TopShop, Necklace – Asos.

Little Sparkle


Having some time off was really great for me. It has given me a chance to blog a little more. This was from few weeks ago when we were vacationing up-state with our family. Outfit is really simple, comfy with a little retro inspiration. I love this dress because it hides my imperfections. Don’t get me wrong I love my body and after having my son I had some insecurities but now I actually love it. I say imperfections because all of us can sometimes use some extra workout here and there but having a child limits lots of things but it also gives you something else to pay attention and love. It is a little human that drives you crazy but you love it the most on this planet. I hope you enjoyed this post and till next time.

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit: Dress, Shoes, Bag, Headband – all from Asos, Earrings – 5 dollar warehouse.



Little bit monochromatic vibes and bubble tea time with my loves. Too bad weekends are only two days because I could get used to this relaxing time and beautiful weather spent with two of my favorite humans. Till next time, enjoy life …

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit: Dress, Necklace, Shoes & Bag – Asos, Sunnies – ZeroUV, Earrings – ModCloth (Glitter & Glee Earrings in Fuchsia).

PS: My little one took a picture again of my husband and I (CUTENESS OVERLOAD for his effort)

All About Adisa Dress at the Opera


Oh, what a wonderful time of the year. No I’m not talking about winter silly’s I’m talking about time at the Opera with my favorite girls: momma and sista. It was right after Christmas that we went to see La Donna del Lago at the Met. It was truly magical. For the occasion I chose my namesake dress from ModCloth naturally : ). Since winter is still going strong with being warm (ish) I opted to wear this dress. I mean what better time than now. It was my first time wearing it and I wanted it to be special because c’mon how many times in life does a person get a dress named after them (still gushing over that, indeed). Before we went to the Opera my sister and I took my mom for dinner and some amazing chocolate martinis we just wanted our mom to have a nice time and to thank her for always being so kind and supportive at all the decisions in our life. I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and till next time…

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My outfit: Dress – ModCloth my namesake dress : ) All About Adisa Dress, Fishnet Stalkings – Betsey Johnson, Shawl & Earrings – Asos, Shoes – ModCloth Sincerely Irresistible Heel in Silver, Clutch – gift (thank you Zana), Red Coat – Dorothy Perkins.

My makeup: Eye Shadow – ColourPop Cosmetics Rex, Lip-gloss – Sephora.