Emerald and Navy


The awesomeness of all things onesies 🙂 jumpsuits & dresses it’s like whole outfit done in a split second. Weather is still cooperating on blog days hahaha oh who am I kidding it’s been raining like crazy and it’s really humid and hot but I can’t complain. I still love the summer. I hope you like this outfit and till next time…

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit: Jumpsuit, Earrings, Shoes, Belt & Sunnies – all bought at Asos, Bag – Aldo, Headband – Forever21.

Minnie Dots


Oh how I love when furniture shopping turns out into a photo op ; ). It was a gloomy day and I really didn’t want to stay home so we decided to get some goodies at Ikea. Since the shopping turned out nice I decided to take some photos of my outfit as well because they do have a nice background and there wasn’t too many people around to stare. One thing that I can’t stand is the whole starring from other people when you take pictures. You would thing after I do the whole blogging that I would get used to it, but nope still don’t like it makes me really uncomfortable. If any of you have few pointers please let me know I would love to hear from you what makes you tune out when you blog. Now for the outfit another great find on sale at H & M. I’m in love with this dress, it has so many cute details that I can’t stop gushing, rest of the outfit is my oldies but goodies. I hope you enjoy this post and till next time…

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit:  Gorgeous ruffle & polka dot dress – H&M, Cape – Asos, Boots- London Rebel (Asos), Earrings – Charlotte Russe, Adorable Bag – Aldo  and Kiss Lips Ring – Forever21.

Fuzzy & Cozy


This is one of those cozy outfits where I just wanted to stay warm. Weather right now is really tricky one day it’s 70 degrees the next 30 you never know what you will get, so layers are your best friend. For this day I wore my warm Asos dress with fuzzy sweater and cuteness of a pom pom hat. Spent a day with sister with some retail therapy and food cuz that’s what sisters are for. Hope you enjoy this post and till next time…

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit:  Dress – Asos, Sweater – Dorothy Perkins, Tights, Hat & Earrings – H&M, Shoes – ModCloth, Bag – Furla.

Leather & Dots


Don’t get it twisted I still am a summer loving girl. Although you have days in fall that are just perfect and you take that opportunity and take loads of pictures because you know next day it will rain. Well, I just did that. Ok fine, I am kidding, sort of. I do love fall fashion and layering, of course all the color changing leaves but you know what comes after fall, yeah that cold snowy winter and that is just not fun. Now that I am done complaining here comes last weeks outfit. It was last week upstate when Mr. husband and I had babysitters galore (thanks grandparents) so we went for a little date. First it was shopping (naturally) and then we went to the cutest coffee shop ever. I don’t know why I didn’t take pictures at the coffee shop. I guess next time. They had so many cute things going on I think even if I took photos there I would spend more time taking picture instead of downtime and my perfect date with husband. I hope you all are enjoying time with your loved ones as well. Till next time…

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit:  Dress, Pleather Jacket, Bag, Hat, Earrings,– all from Asos, Boots – London Rebel, Bow and Disc necklaces – Forever21 & Stone Bracelet – Lulus.

Pink Mint

_DSC3719 _DSC3720 _DSC3722 _DSC3724 _DSC3725 _DSC3726 _DSC3727 _DSC3728 _DSC3729 _DSC3732 _DSC3734 _DSC3735 _DSC3741 _DSC3744 _DSC3746 _DSC3747 _DSC3748 _DSC3750 _DSC3751 _DSC3756

Oh c’mon just because it’s autumn it doesn’t mean that I have to follow the all the color schemes for it. Today I opted to brighten up. I love everything about this outfit, it just makes me smile. It is fairly cold outside, but long sleeve dress, stalkings and coat keeps me cozy and warm. This was another weekend stroll around the neighborhood with my lovelies. I did some shopping for the house because now we are in the plans of redoing our apartment. I’ts kind of a big project because we are trying to stay on a budget and do a lot of DIY’s. Wish me luck, God knows I will need it. Once we are done I will do a post of the apartment before and after. Don’t expect it soon thought I feel this will take few months. I hope you enjoyed this post and till next time.

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My outfit: Dress, Shoes, Hat & Necklace – Asos, Coat – Tulle4Us, Bag & Earrings – Dorothy Perkins, Sunnies – Quay Australia.


Night Out

_DSC3201 _DSC3203 _DSC3204 _DSC3205 _DSC3206 _DSC3216 _DSC3217 _DSC3218 _DSC3219 _DSC3222 _DSC3224 _DSC3225 _DSC3227 _DSC3228 _DSC3230This post is a bit overdue. The thing is I was having so much fun lately I didn’t really get a chance to blog. No worries though I wont stop : ) Few weeks ago I had a pleasure of hanging out with some amazing women and among those women was my best friend that came to visit. See we have been friends for over 20 years (Gosh I feel old) and we live far away from each other but we still make it a point to hang out at least twice a year. This time she decided to come for a girls trip to NYC and we had a blast going out. We went to Lips NYC and saw a drag queen show, food was amazing and drinks as well. Afterwards it was out to dance the night away. Now onto the outfit. I barely get to be all glammed up and since I don’t really go out that much and everywhere I go is mostly kid friendly places I have decided to go with this little number. This dress fit me like a glove. No bra, no shame, my  boobies stayed in place the whole time with no adjustments. Shoes were comfy for the most part but going home after a long night I started to feel the pain. My makeup though swooning and I hope I can repeat this again. I was using really light contour kit and it is perfect. I will share the details of it below. I hope you enjoy this post and till next time.

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My outfit: Dress – Dorothy Perkins, Belt – Asos, Shoes – ModCloth (Fine Dining Heel in Noir), Clutch – Forever 21 as seen before on my posts yes I re-use my stuff, Earrings- Forever21, Makup: Eyeshadow – ColourPop cosmetics Nillionaire, Contour Kit – Aesthetica Cosmetics.

ModCloth #fashiontruth & “All About Adisa Dress”

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#Fashiontruth Monthly Spotlight: Adisa’s Powerful Perspective

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It’s a pretty tried-and-true saying: Our past informs our present. And this month’s #fashiontruth feature Adisa is no exception. Before she was a mother and fashion blogger based out of Brooklyn, Adisa was a refugee from Bosnia, facing a future that was anything but certain or secure. Yet through her powerfully positive outlook, Adisa infuses her present life with thankfulness and joy, as well as amazing, on-point style.

Check out our Q&A with Adisa, then shop items inspired by her, including her namesake style, the All About Adisa Dress!

Hi Adisa! Tell us a little about yourself.
I was born in a small country in Europe called Bosnia. During the Balkan war I moved to the United States. Currently I’m living in Brooklyn, New York. I work as an office administrator in a law firm. I know, I know, nothing exciting, but at least at this job I get to wear whatever I want, so I can always push my fashion boundaries without getting in trouble. I was not always an office administrator. I used to work as a hair stylist and make-up artist, but because of the hard schedule and my wanting to start a family, I had to give up on some things in order to gain others. This way I have a “boring” job, but an exciting family, and to me, that is more important.

I love to cook and bake, travel, and lately, blog. Blogging is my fun outlet — it’s fairly new, and I enjoy it a lot. Spending free time with my 4 year old, I would say, is most enjoyable — family is very important to me. My strength is connecting with people. I love to meet new people and love hearing their stories. It’s always good to find a new friend.

One of the first things we noticed about you is your amazing sense of style. What role does clothing play in your life?
My favorite thing besides my family and my son is most definitely fashion. I just love it, breathe it, eat it. I can look at clothes, make-up and anything fashion related for hours. It’s so mesmerizing. Everyone has that story starting with “when I was a little girl”… well, mine is not far from that because ever since I can remember I had a slight obsession with fashion. I used to take all my mother’s clothes and wear them around the house, and my favorite doll was a paper doll.

I had a tough childhood, and it gave me a big lesson in life. I had to wear hand me down clothes. I learned how to thrift shop, since we did not have money to actually go to the store and buy new clothes. I figured out how to dress myself. I was always asked “Where did you get that?” Now I’ve opened up a new chapter in life and started my blog. It’s really new, and it has its challenges, but I want to share that love for fashion and let people know it’s never too late to accept yourself and be body positive. I believe if a person feels beautiful in their own skin, there is no need for any other acceptance except their own. I love the Style Gallery because you can see the happiness of the people sharing their finds, and that confidence shines through. I hope that one day I can inspire other people as well.

What’s your #fashiontruth?
My #fashiontruth is to be happy and comfortable in your own body. When you’re happy and comfortable with yourself everything seems to fall in place. As a person you seem to shine, and whatever you wear with confidence everyone else will want to wear, too. I know lately there’s a big movement in the fashion world to accept being “different”, and I love that. I believe that every person, no matter what their background, body type, body size, should be able to wear whatever they feel like, as long as it makes that person happy. Clothing should not be one size fits all. We are all not the same.

On my Instagram, I describe myself as “curvy” and “in-betweenie”. To me those terms mean that I’m not really a “small” size, and I’m not quite a plus size — I’m in-between size. Sizing labels can leave you out and miss the point. I believe that there should be no labels and that fashion should be available in all sizes. If a person feels beautiful in their own skin, there is no need for any other acceptance except their own. We as women should empower each other and speak positively. I always delete negative comments in my own blog and my Instagram account. I do not accept negativity.

You live in Brooklyn! What drew you to NYC? What are the challenges of living there, and what do you love about it? Do you have any advice for people looking to move there?
What drew me to New York City is the culture, and people generally accepting you for who you are. You can dress up in the middle of the week and sprinkle glitter all over you, and nobody will even look at you twice. I moved because I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. There is a saying if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. Well, I guess I can make it anywhere :)  My advice to anyone who wants to move to the big city is do it — you have nothing to lose and so much to gain. After all, you can always go back if it does not work out. Living in a big city has some challenges — usually rent expenses — but if you work hard enough, you can make it.

Would you feel comfortable describing the experience of leaving your home country?
As a child I had a wonderful life until the war started. My family and I, as well as many others, had to leave everything behind. Those moments I will never forget, because I was old enough to know what was going on. As an 11-year-old girl I had to grow up really fast. For months we hid in the basement of our house with our neighbors, then we escaped to a neighboring village where my aunt’s family lived. Afterwards we went to Croatia and lived in a refugee camp until we received papers to come to America. I guess the rest is history. I did go back after the war a few times. The country and people are still beautiful. Luckily nowadays there is the internet, so I get to stay close to my old friends and family through Facebook and Skype. Throughout the war, I’ve seen some things that no child should see, but life experiences taught me how to be humble. I went from having everything to having nothing, and then building a new life a few times in different locations. It also taught me how not to be materialistic and to be thankful every day for something.

Positivity, perspective, and a zest for life… we’re so thankful we got to meet Adisa!

 All About Adisa Dress
“All About Adisa Dress” @ModCloth