Beach Bum


I promised my self that I will post at least once a year my beach body. The reason is not to get attention for myself but empower women that you do not have to be perfect according to certain standards. We are all built different and come in many shapes and sizes and that is beautiful. I don’t like the negativity targeted towards women weather it is  a skinny one, a heavy one, too much makeup, not enough makeup. It needs to stop. On a daily basis I talk about good self esteem and how to be healthy and happy. There is way too many young girls who are ashamed of how they look and they need to be reminded that it is ok to be different and to educate them how to be healthy and surround them selves with happy thoughts. I am a person that is not lazy, I am always moving around. I do a whole lot of walking because where I live in Brooklyn and to get anywhere you need to walk. I also have a 5 year old so no way that I have even 2 seconds to sit down. I do eat healthy, I cook everyday and bring lunch to work, I do not snack and do not eat past 8 o’clock. My food is portion controlled and yet I am not the skinniest nor heaviest hence why I usually use the term inbetweenie. Now onto the stuff that I love which is fashion. Look at this bathing suit. Isn’t it just gorgeous. I waited for this for a looooooooooooong time. It was extremely expensive and one day I got a notification from ModCloth that the item I love is on sale. You can only imagine how quickly I jumped because opportunity like that does not happen very often. I of course purchased the suit and could not wait to wear it. As you can see I am a happy gal wearing it. I hope you enjoyed this post and till next time…

Keep Smiling – LOVE, Adisa

My Outfit or what’s left of it : ) – Swimsuit – Modcloth (Rest Ashore One-Piece Bathing Suit), Headband & Earrings – Forever21, Sunnies – Asos.